KFC Scholarship Application 2017

KFC Scholarship Application 2017

Perhaps, for some students who have graduated from high school cannot continue their education to the college or university and some of their dreams should be buried because of the money problem and we have already known that the payment for college is not inexpensive and it is too bad for them who have dreamt of being successful person in the field they like and prefer. However, for you who are Kentucky students, there are many scholarships that can be won by you including KFC scholarship application 2017 and you should know that there is always a hope for a better future. For getting more details of this kind of scholarship, the information given in the following should not be missed then.

KFC scholarship application 2017 is an opportunity given to you this year and people have already known and called this as KFC Colonel’s Scholar Program which Kentucky Fried Chicken Foundation offers the college scholarship here but of course, it is not included in a non-profit charity organization. So, the application can be applied by you who are included in the graduated high school seniors and an accredited in-state public college or university wants to be attended by you, it is your opportunity. As stated in the information that $5,000 will be valued as the scholarship award per year.

However, there are some criteria that should be able to be fulfilled by you as one of the applicants, like you should be a US citizen or permanent resident and your cumulative GPA should reach 2.75 or higher, and the college career may be begun by the scholars and a 2-year or 4-year accredited in-state college/university can be entered into as long as a bachelor’s degree is completed by you. Actually, the KFC scholarship application 2017 has been started from early December 2017, but for more information about if the application can still be applied can be found on the related site. It is said that mid February is the deadline but they may possibly extend it.

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Aside from KFC scholarship application 2017, here are many scholarships that can be won by you as a Kentucky student, like nursing scholarships and you must be one of the Kentucky citizens as one of the requirements but a Kentucky college should not need to be attended by you. Kentucky Board of Nursing is the one who sponsors the Nursing Incentive Scholarship Program so the eligible scholarship can be got by you. For you who have a dream to be a nurse or work as a nurse, this is your opportunity.

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The other opportunity that can be obtained by you is the Republic Bank scholarships and 20 four-year scholarships will definitely be offered by Republic Bank to students at the University of Kentucky and the bank’s Commonwealth Scholarship will be renewable if the good grades can be maintained by the students. Moreover, a minimum 3.75 grade point should also be owned by you as stated by the scholarship guidelines. So, it is the opportunity that should not be missed if your grade is good enough.

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There is always an opportunity for you and it will depend on you whether the opportunity can be taken well or not. One of the scholarships that should not be missed here is KFC scholarship application 2017. Check the information on the related site and do not be late.

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