Zinch Weekly Three-Sentence Essay Scholarship

Zinch Weekly Three-Sentence Essay Scholarship

The cost of higher education is expensive. The rising cost of tuition discourages many students especially those who are considered to be economically disadvantaged from furthering their education. There is helps in the form of scholarships to help with the expenses. The Zinch weekly three-sentence essay scholarship will help provide financial assistance to students who qualify.

Zinch is a website that will help match students with the best colleges that will fit them and the program that they intend to study. Applying for the Zinch weekly three-sentence essay scholarship is simple and easy. Each week Zinch gives away $1,000 dollars to high school or college students. A student has to enter their name, email address, and if they are a high school or college student on zinch.com. They must also agree to receive weekly emails for the website with college based information. The student is then a member of the website and can enter the scholarship.

Applying For The Zinch Weekly Three-sentence Essay Scholarship Is Simple And Easy

The Zinch weekly three-sentence essay scholarship gives the students a topic that they must write three sentences on. Each week the topic changes. If the student does not know what to write about on a particular topic they can come back the following week and see what the topic of that week is. The student then enters their date of birth, gender, grade point average, and the top four colleges they are interested in attending. The student also enters the state in which they plan on attending college in. Students also enter two areas of interest that they may want to possibly major in. The only other information that is needed is their address and the application process is complete. There is no long essay to write and every student that enters is eligible to receive funds. The length of the essay has been compared to writing two post on Twitter and one post on other social media sites that young people are fond of. If a student is not awarded the $1,000 scholarship they can enter again the next week with another Zinch weekly three-sentence essay scholarship contest.

Zinch Weekly Three-Sentence Essay Scholarship Contest

The Zinch website has links to over a billion dollars in scholarships that are available to students. Since operating the site the management of Zinch decided to start a scholarships program of their own. Most scholarships have a long application process. The student has to write essays that are several pages long. Also many scholarships are only available to students that fit specific qualifications. The board at the Zinch weekly three-sentence essay scholarship made the writing requirements short so students would not get discouraged if they were not strong scholars. The topic is also simple and is mainly looking for the opinion of the student. This scholarship is open to everyone who applies that is in high school or college. The amount given away for this scholarship may not be large but it is a help to many students. There are fifty-two chances a year for students to win a scholarship with this website. With the minimal amount of qualifications and time all students are encouraged to apply every week to win one of the scholarships.

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