AIMS Scholarship for Arizona University Students

AIMS scholarship For Arizona University Students

The AIMS scholarship, an Arizona scholarship, is linked to performance on the AIMS test. AIMS stands for Arizona Instrument to Measure Standards. The AIMS scholarship was started in 2004 and was offered to students who scored high on their AIMS test. The scholarship was offered as a 100% tuition paid scholarship. Regents at the time explained that there was no cause for concern with financial impact as fewer than 400 graduates earning high honors ended up actually enrolling in an Arizona university.

Through 2005 and 2006, high numbers of high school students began signing up to retake the AIMS test in order to earn the AIMS scholarship. By 2009, the Arizona Education Department reported that 75% more students were qualifying for the AIMS scholarship. Arizona universities began working on programs to change the scholarship by 2010. Some ideas being thought over were capping the dollar amount of the scholarship, issuing the scholarship based on income, limiting it to one year or phasing it out completely

Luckily, for Arizona high school graduates, the AIMS scholarship was not phased out completely. There have been slight modifications made. Though known as the AIMS scholarship, the actual name for this scholarship is the Arizona Board of Regent’s High Honors Tuition Scholarship. Once earned, the scholarship must be claimed no later than spring semester following graduation. The scholarship is fixed to the cost of tuition of the fall semester following graduation and does not increase over time. It is a renewable scholarship for three years upon meeting university criteria.

The requirements for the AIMS scholarship are given in four parts. A student applying for the scholarship must be an Arizona resident with lawful immigration status. The four required sections follow.

Part 1: Course Competency

Students must complete all sixteen core courses with a B or better or receive an acceptable score on Advance Placement test or a score of four on the International Baccalaureate test for a specific subject area. Common core consists of 4 years of English, 4 years of Math, 3 years of Laboratory Science, 2 years of Social Science, 2 years of Foreign Language and 1 year of Fine Art.

Part 2: GPA/ Class Rank

Students have 2 options for fulfilling this section.
Option 1: GPA of 3.5 in Core Curriculum courses
Option 2: class rank in top 5% of graduation class

Part 3: AIMS Exams

Students have 2 options for fulfilling this section.
Option 1: exceed standards on all 3 AIMS exams (Reading, Writing, Math) by the end of junior year in high school
Option 2: exceed standards on two of the exams and meet standards on remaining exam; student would also have to score a 3 on any 2 Advance Placement exams or a minimum of 4 on any two International Baccalaureate exams

Part 4: SAT1/ACT

Students have 2 options for fulfilling this section.
Option 1: score at least a 1300 on SAT1(Reading and Math only).
Option 2: score at least a 28 on ACT.Arizona Department of Education

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