Luce Scholarship For Learning About Asian Culture

Luce Scholarship For Learning About Asian Culture

It was back in 1936 that the Luce Scholarship foundation was founded to offer financial assistance to those students in New York entering into college to pursue leadership, religion and art. With the Luce family dream to assist young people to be all they could be the Luce Scholarship was finally beginning.

The requirements to be chosen for the scholarship are long and detailed. Each student who is applying for the scholarship must be under 30 years of age and prove that they are a United States citizen. All scholarship candidates must already have their bachelor degree or ready to receive their bachelor degree within a very short time of a few months.

Any student must be willing to work in another country and be physically and mentally capable of doing the work in the foreign country that is required of them.
Students are chosen from different sources that the selection committee feels are appropriate. The Luce Scholarship wants students who are interested in learning about the Asian culture. Students who are already familiar with the Asian culture are not eligible for this particular scholarship.

Luce Scholarship

Students who show the skills of leadership, coping ability, imagination, understanding, and act grown-up and are certain what degree they would like to pursue are good candidates for the Luce Scholarship. All candidates who are interested in the Luce Scholarship will not need to be concerned about which gender they are, or what color their skin is, or which religious facility they attend, or into which sexual placement they desire, or which cultural tribe a candidate belongs to, or if the student is married, divorced or living together, or their economical necessities.

Before filling out the Luce Scholarship application the candidate must be nominated to take part in the scholarship process by the nominating committee. The decision is made every October and all applications must be in by the required time. It is not just the application that needs to be filled out, there also has to be four letters of approval from prominent leaders. The candidate who is applying for the Luce Scholarship must also send their grade transcripts from every college they have attended in the appropriate manner along with two recent pictures showing a full view of your face.

The Luce Scholarship Application

Each candidate must go through an interview by one of three ways. The interview can be done in person, on the telephone or on the internet through one of the online video options. It depends on which option is chosen as to the area where the candidate is living.

At the beginning of the year there are 45 candidates left to be considered for the scholarship and all expenses will be paid for them to attend the foundation for the final process of the selection. As the finalists are eliminated the candidates are now only 15 in number. The committee that does the final selection of the candidate to receive the Luce Scholarship are upstanding professional career members and work as advisers with the Luce Foundation.

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