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OSAC Scholarship

The OSAC Scholarship also known as Oregon Student Access Commission is an online database that provide residents of Oregon information, and financial aid in the form of scholarships, grants, pre college mentoring, and financial outreach assistance among many other things. Oregon residents qualify for programs and scholarships for two-year trade school, bachelors programs, and graduate programs.

The OSAC scholarship was founded in 1959 by the Oregon Legislature with the purpose of helping Oregon’s college bound students obtain an education. The agency awards $118 millions to many of the state residents. With that being said the OSAC sponsors the following programs: Scholarships, Oregon Opportunity Grant, Childcare Grant, and ASPIRE ( Access to Student assistance Programs In Reach of Everyone) a mentoring program for middle and high school students. OSCA Scholarship also provide smaller grants and scholarships.

In addition to providing financial assistance the organization has a committee that is responsible for upholding the integrity of a college degree, the Office of Degree Authority (ODA) . One of the organizations responsibilities is to keep a database of credible post secondary institutions and hear cases about schools who are not properly serving Oregon’s student.

OSAC Requirements

The requirements for the OSAC scholarship program are simple, for starters individuals seeking assistance must be a U.S. resident or a permanent citizen of the United States, but most importantly the individual must be a citizen of Oregon (you are considered a resident of a state after living there for a year; military members must have their Oregon residence listed as their primary address. Last but not least you must graduate from a Oregon high school and have a refund on a grant or be in default status on an educational loan. To receive moat OSAC scholarship funds you must March 1.

Examples of Financial Aid
The OSAC scholarship agency has many grants and scholarships for Oregon students. Some require essays while others grants require less work.

Oregon Opportunity Grant

The Oregon Opportunity Grant just one of OSAC scholarship agency programs, it also happens to be the largest. To qualify for this award applicants must submit an error FAFSA application and apply for the grant by February 1 midnight Central Standard Time, close to 32,000 student receive the$2000 grant.

Chafee Education and Training Grant

The Chafee Grant is a grant open to Oregon students how currently live or lived in foster or lived in foster care for 180 days after your 14 birthday . In order to receive funds students must complete a FAFSA application and an electronic application for the Chafee Grant. Students living in another state will have to do extra steps in order to be awarded the funds. Student who enroll in the voucher program may by their 21 birthday may be eligible for funds until they are 23.

In closing the OSAC scholarship is a great resource for college bound students that has a wealth of information to help Oregon students, here are a few more things you need to know about the agency:

To create a college-going culture for all Oregonians by providing access through information, mentoring, and financial support.

An organization of innovation and excellence in a leading college-going state.

Risk Taking

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