Learn About The George Mitchell Scholarship

George Mitchell Scholarship

U.S. Senator George J. Mitchell established the Mitchell Scholarship in 1994. Maine education was important to Senator George Mitchell, especially for the youth of the state, and it was Mitchell’s goal to ensure opportunities for education were improved upon. He made it his goal to not only make improvements, but to also expand upon Maine’s educational opportunities for young learners.

Every Senior in Maine has the opportunity to be awarded a scholarship from the Mitchell Institute and, upon graduation, one is chosen. The amount of the scholarship is equal to the amount of years the student will attend college. For example, the amount is $6,000, so it will be divided up into $1,500 per year for a four-year college.

Learn About The George Mitchell Scholarship

The primary goal and emphasis of the Mitchell Institute’s history was, and remains to this day, focused on students who graduate from Maine high schools staying in Maine to attend universities and colleges. However, the Mitchell Institute also knows that some students will pursue their academics beyond Maine’s borders, and have made a few scholarships available to these students as well. This is so as many students as possible can obtain higher education in Maine.

Certain criteria must be met by the student in order for them to receive the Mitchell Scholarship. This criteria includes academic potential, academic performance, financial need, and a consistent record of community service. In order for a student to be eligible for the Mitchell scholarship, they must be a legal resident of the State of Maine. They also must be planning to attend either a two-year or a four-year accredited university or college. Additional criteria includes that the student must also be a graduating senior from any one of the public high schools located within the State of Maine. Additionally, in order to be eligible, students must also be planning to attend college to following September of their scholarship application year.

The Mitchell Institute’s Goal To Award

It is the Mitchell Institute’s goal to award the Mitchell Scholarship to students that they believe will make the biggest difference following the money and support they receive from the organization. Students who work the hardest in the community and stand out the most will make the biggest impression, but that does not secure an award. Students need not worry about things like discrimination occurring when these awards are handed out, or when the selection process is being made. Every effort is made to ensure the process is fair and that every student who applies receives equal credence.

The Mitchell Scholarship Director

The Mitchell scholarship director, Jared Cash, works hard to ensure all matters regarding the process are answered immediately and accordingly. The alumni list and scholars lists is quite long, proving students throughout the twenty years since its inception have worked hard to prove its worth. The 2014 application is available online now, and students have until April 1st to send it in. In addition to the application, students must also send in a copy of their high school transcript, their SAR (Student Aid Report – it is generated when they fill out their FAFSA), a recommendation letter from either a teacher or their guidance counselor, an acceptance letter or letter of interest from the student’s college of choice, and a financial award letter from the college.

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