What Is The Samsung Scholarship?

What Is The Samsung Scholarship?

As one of the largest technology companies in the world, Samsung needs to look to the future as well as the present. By giving young students that have proven themselves academically a chance to get a higher education they also benefit from having better minds in the workforce. That is why they are dedicated to encourage and guide these great students through college with the Samsung Scholarship. In order to get this scholarship the applicant must be a citizen of Korea. These applicants must be looking to getting an education over seas or in Korea and they have to go through a heavy selection process to be chosen.

The Samsung Scholarship was established in 2002 and has been helping students in Korea get a higher education ever since. They are looking for students that not only have the grades but also the creative minds to innovate in the technology market. They are also looking for students that have leadership skills and can a strong personality to lead Korea to a better future. There is an application process as well as an interview to determine who will receive this great scholarship.

The Samsung Scholarship Was Established In 2002

The Samsung Scholarship looks for students that have excelled in Engineering or Science and are interested in continuing their studies in this field. For an overseas education the applicant must be majoring in either of these subjects. In Korea they can choose from those two and Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. The Samsung Scholarship is not for undergraduate studies, it is for those that are looking to get their Masters’ Degree through a full-time school schedule. Since this type of education can cost a huge amount in modern times the Samsung Scholarship can really help take off some of the student’s debt.

In August of every year the applicants will send in their applications online and this is when it begins. These applications will be reviewed and then the top students will be selected for interviews. They will look at social skills, awards, leadership, academics, and personal essays during this time. During the interview the interviewer will get a better look at the technical skills of the student and whether they will be able to become a strong leader in their field. This interview will last no longer than 30 minutes and there will be a chance for the student to ask questions and converse with the interviewer. In October there will be a final selection and these students will receive the Samsung Scholarship.

This great scholarship is looking to change the future of its nation with its work. By helping the most creative and intelligent students in their field get a master’s degree with financial help they are also helping themselves. The students can get a great education over seas and not only learn much more about their desired subject but also learn about new cultures. Then they will be able to apply their knowledge on a more worldly scale and help Samsung with making even better products.

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