Ronald Reagan Scholarship Fund

Ronald Reagan Scholarship Fund

There are two distinct scholarship programs supported by the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation. The first is called the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation Scholarship and grants scholarships to high school seniors of Ventura County, California (where President Reagan is buried). The second, also supported by General Electric, is called the GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship and awards scholarships to students living throughout the United States, in U. S. territories or commonwealths, or on U. S. military bases in foreign lands.

The first-mentioned Ronald Reagan scholarship is a one-time gift of between $1,000 and $10,000. The money is to be used for educational expenses and is only for those planning to attend college after graduating high school and to pursue a four-year undergraduate degree. There is no specific area of study that this Ronald Reagan Scholarship is restricted to, but instead students with interests and goals in wide-ranging disciplines have been recipients. Potential recipients must plan to be full-time students in the upcoming college year. To qualify one must have a GPA of at least 3.0 and receive two recommendations from authority figures (one of whom must be a teacher). The recommendations are to be to the effect that: the student has demonstrated outstanding leadership, moral character , communication skills, notable academic achievements and a commitment to the betterment of Ventura County, California where he or she attends high school.

Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation

The second Ronald Reagan scholarship is a potentially on-going award. $10,000 is awarded for up to four consecutive years to any particular student. It is not guaranteed that one who receives the scholarship for the first year of college will receive it in subsequent years. Like the other Ronald Reagan scholarship, it is only for U. S. citizens, is awarded on the basis of both academics and moral integrity, and is to be used for only educational expenses. The additional requirement of a demonstrable financial need is present. Again, this second Ronald Reagan Scholarship is not restricted to a single California county like the other one and is thus available nation-wide.

To apply for either scholarship one can visit the Ronald Reagan Foundation’s website at The Ventura County scholarship has a deadline of January 9th for applications. The national program has a deadline of February 18th. Be sure to follow all instructions carefully that are given on the website, and be aware there is a process of selection of applicants and that additional information may be asked for if you make it to the semifinals or finals of the selection process.

Ronald Reagan himself founded the Reagan Foundation to promote the virtues he held dear and exemplified. He had a special relationship with GE (General Electric) as an advocate for them and still worked for them when he ran for Governor of California. Out of gratitude for Reagan’s assistance in the past and out of shared values GE decided to contribute to a Ronald Reagan scholarship. Concern for a free and prosperous society and the need for leaders to help create and sustain such a society is the motivation of the Reagan Scholarships.

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