FIRST Robotics Scholarships

FIRST Robotics Scholarships

The cost of college tuition is constantly increasing. For many high school students this can seem discouraging. There are ways that high school students can reduce the cost of containing their education. One way is by entering scholarships. There are many different scholarship opportunities including those that are for students interested in science and technology. The First robotics scholarships will help cover the cost of tuition for those that win a competition.

The FIRST robotics scholarships is a contest open to 9th to 12th graders. Those students must be 14 to 18 years old. The students have the chance to win over 12 million dollars in scholarships that are going to be awarded. This competition combines sports with science and technology. The students have to be divided into teams of 25 or larger. These students must follow strict and specific rules and regulations. There are time limits to have their projects completed by as well. The teams have to build a robot and have to raise funds for the material needs for the robot. They need to design a brand and a logo for the team. They will need to learn teamwork skills for everything to work properly and give everyone a fair share of the workload. The teams have to program their robots to complete given tasks and compete against other teams and their robots. The First robotics scholarships encourage teams to learn engineering skills in order to be successful. The teams are allowed to receive help if they can find it. They can ask professional is different science field for suggestions and to review their ideas.

The FIRST Robotics Scholarships Is A Contest Open

The FIRST robotics scholarships do more than just help provide money for college. These scholarships help the students learn engineering skills from professionals, create their own designs and watch them come to life, learn how to use software programs and the latest in technology, and work on collaborate skills. The teams then take their inventions and complete in local tournaments. If they win they can advance. Teams even have a chance to complete for a World Cup. If the team wins every member of the team will receive scholarship money. This competition is sponsored by many well-known technology companies. Some of these companies are also willing to donate supplies to build the robots. There is over 18 million dollars in scholarships for those that compete and win their competition. In addition to the money for college this competition also provides some real world experience and exposure to different programs.

The FIRST robotics scholarships were designed to encourage young people to take up an interest in science and technology. Many students feel that these fields are too challenging. These competitions allow students exposure to different elements then they would experience in school. These programs are great for women and minorities that often do not enter science and technology fields. This scholarship programs offers the chance to learn how to work as a team, gain real world experience, and the chance to win scholarship money for higher education.

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