Robert C Byrd Scholarship Program Eligibility

Robert C Byrd Scholarship Program

The Robert C Byrd scholarship program is a federally funded program for promoting exceptional achievement in the students who excel academically. A scholarship is awarded every year purely on the basis of merit and is available for four years of continued study at any accredited institution of higher education.

The Robert C Byrd scholarship can be used for undergraduate study only. The availability of the scholarships depends on the federal funding for each of these four years, but won’t exceed $1,500 per annum, pending fresh notification from US Dept of Education. This funding is subject to change anytime.

Funding For The Scholarship

The Robert C Byrd scholarship was established in 1985, and provides $1,500 non-renewable scholarships to all eligible students. This program was further expanded in 1993, and all the students who complete their first year college can reapply for stipends for the following three years. This brought the Robert C Byrd scholarship to a final value of $6,000 spanning over a period of four years. Initially, 27,000 scholars were supported by this program, and appropriations of this program were around $44,000,000 annually.

Robert C Byrd Scholarship Program Eligibility Requirements

* Applicant should be a US national or citizen, or a permanent resident of the US; or can be in the US with an intention to become a permanent resident.

* Should be enrolled full-time in the course leading to high school graduation with a GPA of 3.80 or above.

* Should have SAT with a score of 1360 or above; or should have taken ACT with a score of 31 or above.

* Be accepted for admission to any accredited institution of higher learning.

* Application should be accompanied by a proof of acceptance to the university or college. If you are applying to any school that does not send out such letters of acceptance on time, this should be noted on the application.

* You should attend full-time for the first year of this award or your entire scholarship would be forfeited. No postponement is ever granted.

* No Higher Education Military Academy is qualified to receive Robert C Byrd scholarship funds.

* The Robert C Byrd scholarship is just for four years of undergraduate study, so any student graduating earlier would forfeit the balance of scholarship at the time of graduation. In addition, all those who extend their education beyond four years won’t receive any additional funding.

* The entire application for Robert C Byrd scholarship should be typed, unless otherwise specified. All handwritten applications would be rejected.

* All those who are enrolled through private or public schools should apply through their school counselors. Applications can be downloaded from the official website.

Scholarship Amount

The maximum scholarship award is $1,500 per annum for up to four years.

Application Process

You can easily view the instructions and applications on many websites. GED and High School students can contact their GED or High School center counselor for any additional information. The applicants will be selected on the basis of GED scores, college entrance exam scores, and among all high school students, the rank and grade point average in class.

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