The Prestigious Presidential Scholarship

Presidential Scholarship

The Presidential scholarship program is one of the most prestigious programs in the United States. It’s available to high school students across the country.

The Presidential scholarship program was first established in 1964, by the President of the United States. Hence the term, Presidential scholarship. It was for those high school students who exhibited outstanding academic and personal excellence.

The Presidential scholarship program picks from over 3 million applicants, who are graduating seniors. Up to and including 141 applicants can be considered for the Presidential scholarship. Broken down, it’s about 120 in the world of academics and about 20 in the arts programs. Those who are considered for the scholarship program have not only exceeded in academics, but they also have mastered a few languages. They have worked with NASA and have been involved with some major research labs across the country. Most of these men and women are about the age of 16 or 17. Some of them are older, but the recognized age limit is at least 16, if not 17.

The Prestigious Presidential Scholarship

The summer after they graduate from high school, they are flown to Washington D.C. During this time, those who are chosen meet with diplomatic officials and past winner of the award. During this time, these men and women also have the chance to visit museums. They attend recitals and shows. They are guests of the Department of Education and the Executive Office of the President.

These men and women are also awarded the Presidential Medallion, given to them in an official ceremony at the White House. So what is the selection process like?

Each person can apply in January of their graduating year. So if a young man is graduating in June of 2014, they can apply this month. The deadline is in February. So if you don’t get your application in until after March, you will not be considered for this program.

Once mid-April has commenced, the semifinalists will be announced. Once the first week of May comes around, the finalists are announced. Once June comes around, the winners are usually in Washington, D.C.

Here Is A Breakdown Of The Process:

Graduating senior: 3 million can apply. The ration is about 1 to 1.
Scholarship candidate: 2600 applicants. The ration is about 1 in 1500
Scholarship semifinalist: 500 applicants. The ratio is about 1 in 6,000

All graduating seniors must be a citizen of the United States. The must also have exceptionally high-test scores, as well as grades. Applicants must have scored very high on the SAT’s or the ACT. If those tests were not available, they need to have taken some other assessment test to qualify. Those who have taken any one of the tests either on or before October of that year, are going to be considered right away.

These applicants are also considered under other conditions. They are considered through written essays and questionnaires. They are also viewed through references and referrals by the school and their fellow teachers. Applicants must also submit school transcripts and other character references for consideration.

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