UCLA Alumni Scholarship

UCLA Alumni Scholarship

For students that have a positive effect on their environment and a hard-working attitude the UCLA Alumni Scholarship can help with some of the tuition fees. This scholarship fund has been running for over 70 years and has helped many undergraduate students at UCLA to pave their way through college. These scholarships are paid out over the years that the student is there starting at their first year. Freshman can apply as well as community college transfer students by their specific deadline. They must show academic excellence in the classroom as well as a strong personality because in order to get one of these scholarships the student must be interviewed by an alumni volunteer.

For the freshman UCLA Alumni Scholarship the student will need to send in their transcripts from high school. These will be reviewed as well as the application that the student has sent in. By reviewing the students achievements and grades they will be able to tell which are applicable for a UCLA Alumni Scholarship. Then the student will be interviewed by one of the alumni volunteers. If the volunteer is impressed by the students interview then they will have a great chance to get the UCLA ALumni Scholarship.

Get The UCLA ALumni Scholarship

A community college transfer student has a little more requirements in order to get the UCLA Alumni Scholarship. First, they must have at least a 3.75 GPA at the college they previously went to. They must also begin attending UCLA after transferring the first fall quarter. ALso, they have to be had acquired the equivalent of 90 UC transferable units. At least half of them have to be from a California community college. If they fill all of these requirements then they may be interviewed by an alumni volunteer and then given the UCLA Alumni Scholarship.

There are also other types of UCLA Alumni Scholarships available for students. The Bunche Freshman Alumni Scholarship recognizes students from backgrounds that may have a harder time getting in to college than others. However, they must have performed immaculately in academics as well. Dr. Ralph Bunche was a nobel prize winner and this scholarship continues what his work has done. For those who have a parent that went to UCLA there is the UCLA Legacy Scholarship. This rewards students who have worked hard in high school and have a parent that have been through UCLA as well. These types of scholarships will also require great grades and achievements as well as an interview from an alumni volunteer.

Types Of UCLA Alumni Scholarships Available For Students

For those that receive this scholarship their freshman year the scholarship can range from $4,000-$20,000 depending on the student and their achievements. A community college transfer student will receive a $4,000 scholarship. These will be paid out over the years that they attend the college. There is also a traditional competition that is a finals competition for the top scoring applicants. This competition can raise the amount of money that they receive from the scholarship. This alumni scholarship fund has been helping students pay for their tuition and has let the students focus on getting a great education for many years.

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