Scholarships that Don’t Require Essays

Scholarships that Don’t Require Essays

Essays are usually always part of the requirements of getting the scholarship you want. One would think that the scholarships that require as little work as possible actually means the scholarships that don’t require essays are the best to look for, right?  Maybe you will land a scholarship with minimal effort as long as you have high GPAs and strong SAT/ACT scores right? Well actually different scholarship corporations will give a different qualification and requirements to the applicants and there are some corporations that don’t even consider strong grades and test scores. If you are an active student in your school, you may be the one considered by them. Your academic and leadership opportunities will sometimes be the advantages that they can consider because you are a standout in your community. Many scholarship foundations believe that you are worth to be given with this opportunity because how you can work in a team and your attitude in your community. You may also have a chance at obtaining some scholarships that don’t require essays too. So, if your organization experience is good enough, this may be a major plus for you. Below are great examples of “No Essay” scholarships that are actually easier than you think to obtain.  Check them out and start registering immediately!

College Prowler No Essay Scholarship

This is a $2,000 “No Essay” Scholarship that has a yearly January 31st deadline. Winners will be notified on the 15th of the next month. This scholarship is open to high schoolers, adults looking to return to school, and current college students who are currently enrolled.

American Fire Sprinkler Association

This “No Essay” Scholarship was created to promote fire safety through sprinklers.  To apply, all you have to do is take a ten question test on fire sprinkler safety……thats it! This is another scholarship that pay as much as $2,000 to each winner!

Cappex “GPA Isn’t Everything” Scholarship

This scholarship is provided by Cappex which furnishes college decision making tools, financial aid info, and more.  This site helps students to decide the best route for their education. Outside school activities, leadership, and volunteer work are what highlights this wonderful scholarship from Cappex!

Sallie Mae

Sallie Mae is a company that specializes in financial aid and student loans. They offer a new $1,000 scholarship every month for anyone who registers on their website. If you haven’t signed up yet, go ahead and give it a try, you have nothing to lose!

Perhaps, you are one of the students who seek scholarships that don’t require essays because writing is not one of your interests or strong points and too much additional work will be added through the essays. With a normal scholarship, this is usually a make it or break it deal. However, rather than avoiding the essays that should be written, your story should be written with full of confidence and that means that the scholarship judges understand the skills that you bring can be proven.

It should also be kept in mind that your drive and ambition should be developed when you really want to win a scholarship while finding the scholarships that don’t require essays and something like a sport, a hobby or the other activity can be found. That is often suggested to be done so your energy can be poured into bettering yourself and your community. Passion and ambition are the keys. We at wish you the best of luck in obtaining a scholarship!

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