Pat Tillman Scholarship: Scholarship From A Fallen Hero

Pat Tillman Scholarship: Scholarship From A Fallen Hero

When we see athletes making loads of money, many of us think of them as greedy and egocentristic, especially when the behavior by some of them is deplorable. However, there was one young man who stood up to the plate, so to speak and burst a hole through that perception. This man was Pat Tillman.

Pat Tillman was born in Fremont, California in 1976. He was a football player at Arizona State University with a major in marketing. He began his career as a Strong Safety for the Arizona Cardinals of the National Football League. During the course of his career, Pat Tillman turned down a couple of multi-million dollar contracts. For example, he was offered a five year $9 Million contract to the St. Louis Rams, because he was loyal to the Arizona Cardinals. He played for the Cardinals after the 1998 National Football League Draft in 1998.

Pat Tillman Turned Down A Couple Of Multi-Million Dollar Contracts

During the 2001 season, Pat Tillman was making $512,000 a year and had a distinguishing career. When the attacks of September 11 occurred, Pat Tillman played for the next fifteen games of the season before he and his brother, Kevin enlisted in the U.S. Army. They applied and were accepted into the Ranger Assessment and Selection program in 2002. Both were deployed to Afghanistan. On April 22, 2004, Pat Tillman was killed in an apparent ambush in the village of Sperah, which was twenty-five miles southwest of Khost, near the Pakistani border, in the eastern part of Afghanistan. There were investigations surrounding his death, which was determined to be friendly fire.

After his death, the foundation that bears his name was formed. With it, they formed the Pat Tillman scholarship. The Pat Tillman scholarship, was established by the foundation. It is a grant which enables educational opportunities for veterans and their families.

The Pat Tillman Scholarship Has Benefited

Even with the G.I. Bill, there are many of the veteran and their families who can’t afford to either send themselves or their offspring to a higher education institution. With education costs being nearly prohibitive, the Pat Tillman scholarship has provided the ability for many veterans and their dependents who would ordinarily not be able to afford it.
The Pat Tillman scholarship is available to everyone who has served in any branch of the armed services. It doesn’t matter if you want begin, complete or continue with one’s education. The Pat Tillman scholarship also applies to the offsprings and survivors of those who served in any branch of the armed services.

There have been many men and women who have taken advantage of the scholarship who have gotten degrees ranging from accounting to law. The Pat Tillman scholarship has benefited many people who otherwise might not have gotten their degrees and the good jobs that go with it. Pat Tillman, himself, had gone to Arizona State University on a football scholarship.

If you are a veteran or a veteran who has a dependent or dependents needing a scholarship for college and adhere to the proper requirements, the Pat Tillman scholarship is for you. For more information, please visit

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