The Benjamin Gilman Scholarship

The Benjamin Gilman Scholarship

Many undergraduate students have a hard time pursuing a career in the field they want. The Benjamin Gilman Scholarship helps thousands of our Americans students further their career every year providing a way for students to pursue international study. Sponsored by the U.S State Department’s Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs, The Benjamin Gilman Scholarship was funded and supported by the International Academic Opportunity Act which was passed in the year 2000.

In order for a student to be eligible for The Benjamin Gilman Scholarship he or she must first meet certain requirements and must be a U.S citizen. In addition to that the must be enrolled and accepted in a study abroad program. Which could be very expensive. The cost of living in another country alone will play a tremendous part in the expenses that may very while studying abroad. The program its self can cost more than normal tuition at a normal institution anywhere else. Also a student must be enrolled in a program that is in a country for at least for consecutive weeks at a time. A student can be enrolled in a study abroad program in multiple or different countries, but they are some circumstances. Although enrolling in a study abroad program in multiple countries is in fact acceptable but in order for a student to do that they must spend at least four consecutive weeks in one country.

The Application Process For The Benjamin Gilman Scholarship

The application process for The Benjamin Gilman Scholarship is very simple. A student can submit their application along with essay prepared for evaluation for acceptance. The entire process for The Benjamin Gilman Scholarship can be done completely online with help from resources found online which could help a student with their application process and help the properly prepare their essays for evaluation. The first essay students are mainly encouraged to use this opportunity to explain why they chose this particular program and other expectations they might have for themselves. This particular essay is a statement of purpose essay, which it also provides a chance for he or she to explain an express themselves about the challenges with the study of abroad process and the stress and anxiety it may cause. Students are also encouraged to take the chance to give a touch of personality in their essay and explain some life choices and decisions they have made.

The second essay has a different approach and it is a Follow on Service Project proposal. This essay should mainly address how the student plan on promoting their experience in the program. This is a very critical requirement of the program, it’s very critical that a returning student promotes their experiences and explains their benefits of enrolling in the program. The Benjamin Gilman Scholarship is basically designed to help students receiving financial aid. Normal average amount awarded is $4,000 but the most a student is eligible to receive is $5,000.If needed a student can also apply for a the Critical Need Language supplement which could provide an additional $3,000.This scholarship has recently partnered with hip hop mogul an entrepreneur Jay-Z’s Shawn Carter Foundation which awarded four scholarship winners in the 2013 spring semester with helps to award plenty more in the following years.

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