Boren Scholarship For Study Abroad

Boren Scholarship

The Boren Scholarship is aimed towards U.S. undergraduate and graduate students interested in study abroad programs to countries less popular in the study abroad programs. Examples of these countries are China, Korea, eastern Europe, or the middle east. Countries within western Europe, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand are not accepted for the scholarship. The Boren Scholarship was founded by David L. Boren with participation from the National Security Education Program in an effort to increase a greater representation of Americans within the countries of these less popular study abroad destinations. Mr. Boren currently serves as the president of the University of Oklahoma.

The Boren Scholarship also places an emphasis on language study since most accepted destinations will not have English as their primary language. Some may not speak English at all. Longer programs of at least 6 months are recommended for complete language and cultural submersion with year long programs being typical. The Boren scholarship will accept all levels of linguistic students from beginner to fluent. Summer terms will allow for 8 week programs to students of science, technology, engineering, and math.

Boren Scholarship For Study Abroad

A maximum award of $10,000 per semester, $20,000 per year, and $8,0000 per summer program is provided by the Boren Scholarship. Students must agree to the NSEP service agreement and demonstrate an understanding of the importance this program’s role, as well as the individual’s role, plays in national security. The NSEP service agreement requires that participants work in government for at least one year.

The minimum requirements to qualify for the Boren Scholarship are a high school diploma or G.E.D., be a U.S. citizen, be enrolled in an accredited university within the United Sates, and be currently applying to the scholarship’s accepted foreign destinations. Individuals may also intern abroad but are not allowed to earn foreign money.

The Minimum Requirements To Qualify For The Boren Scholarship

To apply for the Boren scholarship, get in touch with the Boren campus representative and work with them to ensure all application processes are completed correctly. Applications should include a study abroad program section, a budget section, and two essays. The budget section details the costs of your program such as tuition costs, books, insurance, and travel costs. Most expenses will be covered through the Boren Scholarship. The first essay mainly explains how your program will fulfill service requirements and the programs significance to national security. The second essay focuses mostly on a detailed explanation of the chosen abroad program and the language study opportunities compared to your current language skills.

Supplemental materials required are two letters of reference, transcripts from all universities attended, a language self assessment, an optional language proficiency form, and a page describing the abroad program and costs. If individually enrolled, a letter of support from one’s home institution and a letter from the foreign institution are required. The online application should be submitted and all supplemental materials should be given to the Boren campus representative before campus deadline. If their is no campus representative, the material should be mailed to the Institute of International Education.

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