Marshall Scholarship for Post Graduate Work

Marshall Scholarship

The Marshall scholarship was created in the United Kingdom. It’s available to American students who are doing their post-graduate work. The reason behind the creation of the Marshall scholarship is due to the recovery plan. After World War 2 there was a recovery plan enacted known as the Marshall plan. It was the United Kingdom’s way of saying a big thank-you to the United States for their help in the war.

The Marshall scholarship was and still is seen as one of the most honorable awards in the world. In 1954, the first selection of Marshall scholarship scholars was selected. The Marshall scholarship winners consisted of 8 men and 4 women. They were selected from a pool of over 700 people.

Marshall Scholarship For Post Graduate Work

Today, the pool of scholars consists of over 1500 people. So how does this scholarship benefit its students? The winners can go to school for two years and not have to pay a dime. That’s right. The winners have two years at any school of their choice fully funded for at least two years. There is also a possible three-year extension that is available to its students. The only contingency is that the school of your choice needs to be in the United Kingdom. Outside of that, you can pick any major that you want.

Every year, about 40 applicants are chosen. Most of the applicants come from the following schools:
3)King’s College, London
4)University College, London

Every year about 4% of college-endorsed applicants receive this award. All applicants must have a GPA of 3.7 or higher. If your grade point average is below that, you will not be considered.

What are the main objectives of this scholarship:
1) To encourage able-bodied and highly intellectual Americans the chance to study in London.
2) Each scholar gets the chance to know and study Britain.
3) To contribute knowledge and expertise in some of Britain’s leading academic houses.
4) To promote leadership and understanding between the United States and England. To act as a go-between with the two. To help Americans understand Britain a bit better and vise versa.

Every year the selection pool becomes highly competitive. The selection committee comes from about 8 major regions. Regions that include Boston, Chicago, New York and Washington.

The selection committee itself is made up of past winners and other major players in the academic world. They receive many forms from the applicants, including essays and points of reference. From these lists only a small number of individuals are selected for the interview process, only about 1/6 to be exact.

Once you get yourself put on the short list, you will be notified of an interview. After going through these interviews, the selection committee than makes its choice.

What does the committee look for? It’s not just academic achievement and excellences. They also look for character within a person. They look for how well a person handles him or herself with any situation. They also look to see how each individual helped out his or her community.

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