Susan Buffett Scholarship

Susan Buffett Scholarship

For those that have gone to a high school and intend on attending a college in Nebraska the Susan Buffett Scholarship fund can help with tuition. In order to be eligible for this scholarship you have to have attended and graduated from a high school in Nebraska. You must also be a resident from Nebraska as well as being an incoming freshman to a college in Nebraska. The Susan Buffett Scholarship is also only given to those who really need the financial help. Students with an expected family contribution of under $15,000 are encouraged to apply. This can be found on the FAFSA that must be filled out before registration at college. The Susan Buffett Scholarship has been helping students for many years and it will continue to do so in the time to come.

Susan T. Buffett Foundation Scholarship

To be rewarded this scholarship a number of factors will be reviewed by a team of advisors. This includes the excellence of academics, the recommendation letters, the personal essay, and the financial need of the student. While only a 2.5 GPA is required to receive the Susan Buffett Scholarship it is more likely given to those with a higher one. If a student is rewarded then they will receive the scholarship throughout the years at their college. Every semester or quarter they are enrolled they will get the amount agreed upon at the beginning of their freshman year.

Susan Buffett Scholarship Reward

The maximum amount of money that can be rewarded to the student varies depending on the type of college they are going to with the Susan Buffett Scholarship. While going to a community college the student can receive up to $1,800 if they are taking a full-time amount of classes. For a full-time student at a Nebraska State College the student can receive up to $3,700 every term. And for the University of Nebraska the maximum amount is $4,250 for a full-time term.

The Susan Buffett Scholarship will renew itself every year as long as the student maintains their grades and stays out of trouble. They must also take at least 9 credits per term to keep their scholarship. Failure to do this or a failure to get a grade point average of over 2.0 will result in a probationary period. If the student fails this requirement consecutively they will be stripped of their scholarship. For special terms like study abroad the request for the scholarship will be reviewed by the scholarship advisors. It depends on every case but they will most likely reward the student with their scholarship.

For students that have achieved great academics and are residents of Nebraska the Susan T. Buffett Foundation Scholarship can help them with the hefty cost of college. It will cover any school fees like tuition, housing, and books for every term that they take. However, they must stay above the requirements because the scholarship can be stripped. Students in Nebraska will enjoy knowing they can worry a little less about the financial obligations they have chosen.

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