The Gates Millennium Scholarship

The Gates Millennium Scholarship

Many of the students who qualify for the Gates Millennium Scholarship are very outstanding students. The scholarship itself is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which was launched in 1999. This program is for students of specific ethnic cultures such as African-American, Hispanic American, Asian Pacific Islander American, American Indian. Alaska Natives are also eligible for The Gates Millennium Scholarship. Students who are majoring in public health, education, science, engineering, computer science, or mathematics can further your education through the Gates Millennium Scholarship. To be eligible for the scholarship a student will to have maintained a at least a 3.3 GPA or have earned a GED.

Gates Millennium Scholarship As The Backbone To Their Child’s Education

This program helps students have a better chance in furthering their education with the help of scholars who want to see them succeed in life. To this very date over 7,000 talented and gifted students have been giving a little more help in their quest for a better future and education. Many low-income families cannot afford to send their children to their first college of choice. The school selection process is the most complication process of all. Most parents consider the Gates Millennium Scholarship as the backbone to their child’s education. The program has plenty to offer, so students mainly go on and pursue careers in the same field as their education has prepared them for. This program also allows students to pay the costs of their tuition without the help of their parents or causing a problem in their parents or legal guardians income.

When Applying For The Gates Millennium Scholarship

The Gates Millennium Scholarship also provides students with a sense of comfort, especially for students of a very low-income household. There is an income requirement but with the help from the Federal Pell Grant a student is eligible for the Gates Millennium Scholarship Program. They are not many scholarship programs like the Gate Millennium Scholarship Program, as most do not secure their students credibility with the colleges they apply for. For example, lets say a student is enrolled with the help of various financial aid documents and Federal Pell grants. That particular student may or may not be fully covered for their tuition and some fees may be left out and that students documents may be delayed due incomplete documents and unorganized paper work from various steps in setting up and filling out financial aid applications. With the Gates Millennium Scholarship the student will not have to worry about fees regarding to the complicated financial aid process.

Making that transition from high school to college can be very scary and complicated ,and a student sometimes feels as if he or she is not good enough for their particular school of choice. With that feeling alone a student can feel discouraged about their school selection, but with the GMS they are no worries or burdens left on the students shoulders. Students usually tend to feel more comfortable and confident when applying for the Gates Millennium Scholarship due to its impact on various communities across the U.S. We have all witnessed the amount greatness the GMS has done for our next leaders of our nation. If you are planning to enter college soon and you met the requirements for the GMS please take the time to do so.

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