Scholarship Definition: What Really is a Scholarship?

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When looking for scholarship definition and how it applies to education, the best way is to understand it is as a supplement of money awarded for students based on certain qualifying factors. Scholarships are often one of the single most important outside gifts that a student of higher education can get to help them in their pursuit for greater knowledge.

While the term scholarship can mean a monetary gift for things other than educational purposes, the primary use and purpose for the term scholarship is the gifting of financial support for the benefit of an education student. There are however, other more official and technical scholarship definitions.

Overall, a scholarship definition is an award of some type of financial aid assistance that is meant to be support for a student to help them further his or her education. There are a wide variety of criteria for scholarships and some of them are academic requirements and others are based on specific qualifications such as: heritage, ethnicity, medical issues, age, parental status or other specialized conditions.

Scholarship Definition

Another clear Scholarship definition is based on the purpose of the scholarship. When creating a thorough scholarship definition, it is important to note that some scholarships are given out based on a specified field of employment combined with the students drive for learning.

Most Scholarship definitions describe an allotment of money that is awarded to an education seeking student based upon various criteria, which usually reflect either the values or purposes of the donor or are based on a goal based criteria of the founder of the scholarship award.

Award amounts for scholarships may vary a great deal and one scholarship foundation may offer a host of varying scholarships of different amounts for different purposes. In all cases the scholarship money is not required to be repaid to the giver of the scholarship and is considered a gift or an award to the recipient.

Types Of Scholarships

Merit-based Scholarships- These scholarships are based on a student having obtained a certain level of capabilities with either: academics, artistic achievement, athletic ability or special abilities.

Need-based Scholarships- These Scholarship awards are based often on a combination of criteria but most often the primary criteria is the student’s and families financial status.

Student-specific Scholarships- These are scholarships that are based upon either race, religion, gender, family heritage, family status or personal medical history.

Career-specific Scholarships- These types of scholarships are specifically designed to help students who are planning or currently working to pursue a specific field of study for career purposes.

College-specific Scholarships- These types of Scholarships are offered by a specific college and university to highly qualified applicants of their choosing based on their merit from either academic, artistic, personal or sports related achievements.

Scholarships have been around for thousands of years and have always been a way that those of influence of affluence were and are today able to contribute to the needs of students wishing to obtain higher education for the betterment of their life and society as a whole.

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