The Truman Scholarship

Truman Scholarship

College or university pupils who wish to make an impact should look into the Harry S. Truman Scholarship. The Truman Scholarship takes its name after the 33rd U.S. president, these types of public service scholarships acknowledges college juniors with leadership capability by giving monetary support. More than 600 candidates submit an application for one of roughly 60 grants annually. With just about 10 % selected for this grant, it is wise to prepare.


Devoted to educational learning and public service, President Truman frequently talked about the significance of promoting young leaderships, and created a training for pupils that would inspire educated citizenship and political obligations. Subsequently, following his passing in 1972, the President’s close friends and relatives discovered this memorial particularly fitting.

Secretary of Treasury John W. Snyder throughout the President’s governing administration, and Stuart Symington, who at the time was the Senator of Missouri, worked collectively to create the framework by means of an Act of Congress. Both were long-term friends of President Truman, they also desired the acceptance of Margaret Truman Daniel, Truman’s daughter, who later stated, “no commemorative could possibly be more adequate.” Mrs. Daniel stated her father “respected and valued education to the highest degree, and he would certainly appreciate education for public service more exceptionally than nearly any other type.”

The bill was passed in December of 1974 and Gerald Ford finalized the Act of Congress on January of 1975. The Act licensed the Foundation to “supply scholarships to individuals who display exceptional promise for those who intend to follow a profession in public service,” and to carry out a countrywide competition to choose Truman scholars. The Foundation granted its very first Scholarships in 1977-78 of the academic year.

Truman Scholarship Requirements

Prepare yourself for a demanding application procedure by first ensuring that your objectives fit with the scholarship’s function of helping dedicated changes in government or education system. Truman scholarship victors go on to obtain sophisticated degrees in Public Administration, Health, Social Work, education and learning, Public Policy or International matters. Meet the legal specifications of United States legal status for the grant. You need to be a full-time junior-grade or senior college student.

Consider if you have exhibited participation in public or community service, political pursuits, support groups or associated internships. Your school record should showcase a high GPA with a durable course of study. Understand that the winners of the Truman Scholarship must work in public service for 3 of the first seven years post commencement. If you don’t accomplish that, you have to repay the scholarship.

Get a hold of the faculty consultant for your school using the locator application on the Truman web page. You are able to only submit an application for a grant through a nomination from a Truman scholarship staff representative or a Truman nominating committee at your institution.

Complete the 5 page application online, this must consist of a well written personalized statement that concentrates on your interests and accomplishments in public service. Together with the Institution’s Nomination form and letter, additionally send 3 more letters of professional recommendation as well as your college transcript.

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