Who is Eligible for the Dell Scholarship?

Who Is Eligible For The Dell Scholarship?

Many students have their hearts set on earning a college degree but very often life’s responsibilities can get in their way of accomplishing this. There is an organization called the Dell Scholarship program that was created by the Susan and Michael Dell Foundation that realized this and found a way to identify and help these students.

Based on the students need instead of merit, the Dell Scholarship was developed for students who are going through challenges in life while they are still trying to meet their goals for obtaining a college degree. The foundation feels that students such as these make the best role models and can change the path for other individuals such as them with their same goals. Believing that greatness starts in high school, the foundation also feels that it should not simply be based on test scores but instead on the characteristics and goals of the individual student who is trying to change their life. The Dell Scholarship Foundation also reinforces a program for high school seniors that will prepare them for college so they have an idea as what to expect so they can acquire a degree. The scholarship recipient will receive $20,000 to cover the cost of their education over a period of six years. This program also will provide a student with the technology, appropriate resources, mentoring, and a networking community to be sure that they have the support they need.

 The Dell Scholarship Was Developed For Students

For one to qualify for a Dell Scholarship, the student must take part in a readiness program in a two-year college that is supported by the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation. The individual must be in the year in which they are graduating, must be in need of financial assistance and have a grade point average of 2.4. The student must also be starting the process of entering a four-year college degree program and they must be a United States citizen or either be a permanent legal alien. Also since the Dell Scholarship foundation views each application extremely close, keep in mind that they do consider what the particular ambition is of the student. The foundation looks to see what goals the student has, how they plan to make their goal a reality, how the student explains their particular challenges and how they deal with them. In addition they also wish to see motivated students with determination and obviously if they really need the financial support need.

Since 2004 the Dell Scholarship has been giving out 300 scholarships a year while providing $49 million dollars to students for college support. This particular scholarship program is meant for students who are aware of their goals and what they need to do to accomplish them. A program like this is created for students who work hard and the rewards that accompany this kind of discipline and practice. The program stresses the importance of a student’s motivation to become a success so it is not only based on their academic records. A student will become empowered as they acquire a mindset that will assist them as they live in a world that constantly changes.

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