National Merit Scholarship

National Merit Scholarship

The national merit scholarship is a program that is based in the United States. The national merit scholarship is funded through a non-profit foundation. It rests under the national merit scholarship corporation. It awards for excellences and in academic performance across the board. The national merit scholarship was founded back in 1955. It holds two competitions annually. This program is open to any and all students, just like the national achievement program. The national achievement program started in 1964 and it is only available to those students who are of African-American decent.

Those that win the national merit scholarship are known as the national merit scholars. They represent about 1% of all the applicants. Those that win the national merit scholarship are awarded for many things. One of them is for the academic achievements. The other achievements that are honored are for the extracurricular activities that an applicant takes part in. When these events take place, about 1,5 million people take part. That’s about 22,000 high schools that come together. For the national merit scholarship program, some preliminary testing is required to be done. The main testing that needs to be completed are the SAT”S and the national merit scholarship tests.

The National Merit Scholarship Program

Once these tests are done, the judges look over the scores. Once the scores are tallied, only about 16,000 students are chosen nationwide. These applicants are known as the semifinalists. These semifinalists than need to submit additional data to be looked over. This additional data comes in an application form. These application forms include an essay, leadership information and other activities that may have been completed. Every semifinalist is encouraged to answer every question to the best of their ability. But that’s not all. These semifinalists also need to have an outstanding academic records. Check with each school to determine what grades qualify. The finalists also need to be endorsed by the school and their teachers. They need to have letters of recommendation drawn up too. The SAT scores need to be high. If you are not within a certain ballpark, you will not make it.

The SAT”S And The National Merit scholarship

From the list of semifinalists, a small group of finalists will be chosen. That list of 16,000 will go down to 15,000 applicants. Those that reach the finalist round, will have a chance to be in the running for a total of $35 million in scholarship money.

So what are the requirements for this merit scholarship award?
1)Be in high school full-time. Upon completion of high school, the applicant is ready to begin college in the fall.
2)You must be a citizen of the United States. Non-citizens won’t be considered.
3)You must have already taken the SAT’s and the NMSQT before applying.

If there are reasons why you missed the testing, such as an accident or an illness, allowances may be made. But only up to and including March 1st. If there are allowances made, you must make arrangements before the deadline passes. If not, you will not be considered for the application. For more information please visit their official website.

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