College Scholarships for Fall 2017

College Scholarships For Fall 2017

There are a lot of students these days who have continued their study with the help of available scholarships out there. Indeed, the scholarship will support the winning students and ease their financial problems so they can continue pursuing their degrees without worrying about costly tuition fees. However, there are several scholarship programs which not cover Fall courses or classes. Therefore, this article will give you various ideas of College Scholarships for Fall 2017 that are available out there. These scholarships are considered “open scholarships” from famous companies which are not related to certain colleges or universities.

The university of missouri kansas city umkc foundation and the school

The university of missouri kansas city umkc foundation and the school



AT&T Scholarship

The first example of college scholarships for Fall 2017 you can surely take for more serious consideration is the AT&T scholarship program. AT&T provides a grant and scholarship award named the AT&T Labs Fellowship Program award. This scholarship award will be given to minorities and also women who are students of postgraduate degrees. On the other hand, AT&T also shows their concern for their employees’ African American children or stepchildren by offering a conjunction scholarship program with the UNCF.

General Electric Scholarship

Aside from the previous example of college scholarships for Fall 2014 above, GE or General Electric does not also want to be left out in contributing to the education world in the society. They established a scholarship program named the LULAC Scholarship which is meant for bachelor degree students in an accredited university or college in United States with excellent academic achievement. The first requirement for the applicants for this scholarship is that they have to be either a legal minority student, resident or citizen of United States. The GPA score requirement is also pretty high, and the applicants must have minimum 3.25 grade point average. The General Electric scholarship committee also requires the applicants to show their skills and interest in engineering or business field to be eligible to apply for this LULAC Scholarship.

Ford Motor Company Scholarship 2017

Ford Motor Company is definitely one of the most famous automotive companies in history. This company also offers a scholarship program called the Society of Manufacturing Engineers Ford PAS Scholarship for the participants of the PAS program. The participants who can join the competition are those who are graduating high school seniors. The Ford Motor Company will only select three winners who will receive an award valued at ten thousand dollars. Definitely, the award of this scholarship program can help cover all Fall classes that are known to be pretty costly compared to regular classes.

Bank Of America

Another idea of college scholarships for Fall 2014 you can probably also apply for is a scholarship offered by Bank of America. Bank of America has employed infinite associates who may have dependents from various vocational schools or colleges. This competitive scholarship is a scholarship program that is meant for the dependents of those associates, whether the associates have already been retired, deceased, or disabled. For each full time enrollment year, the recipients of the scholarship award will get a financial aid between one thousand to five thousand dollars, depending on the recipient’s academic and non-academic achievements.

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