Scholarships For Right Handed People

The Right-Handed Burden

Tommy Rightsman of the Right-Handed Foundation is proud to announce that there are new scholarships for right-handed people.
The idea for these scholarships for right handed people began with Tommy Rightsman’s father. His father, unfortunately, was born to parents who were both left-handed. His father had to learn to utilize left-handed scissors with his right hand. It happened with all the left-handed things in his house. There was no foundation to tell him about what you can do in such a situation. His father talked about his situation with his son and Tommy could not help but being touched by his stories.

When Tommy grew up, he made some money from the stock market as well as from being a computer programmer. When he got to a certain monetary level, he wondered what he should do with his surplus of money. He remembered his father’s struggles and thought that there should be a foundation to help right-handed people. Tommy did not want anybody to again to face the struggles that his father faced.

He quit his computer programming and looked throughout his home city of Boston for a home for his foundation. He found a mansion on Beacon Hill that was ideal for his needs. He runs the foundation as well as live there.

The Right-Handed Burden

The next issues were what to call his foundation. Tommy Rightsman, the creator of these scholarships for right handed people, is a down-to-earth man with a simple outlook. It did not take him long to think of a name. To him, there seemed to be no better than Right-Handed Foundation. He hated foundations with long names and did not like to have to have a stupid abbreviation for this foundation like FUBBER or FABER. Right-handed Foundation,RF for short, was good enough for him.

Tommy then thought about what the goals of the foundation would be. The primary goal would be to help right-handers who are part of families that have a majority of left-handers. They would get the help that they need in order to survive in such a hostile environment. Tommy wants to ensure that no one has to go through what his father did.

He also came up with the idea of having scholarships for right-handed people He noticed that it was an effective way for a foundation to publicize it was by having a scholarship.
There are requirements for this scholarship and the requirements for these scholarships for right handed people are:

-Take an IQ test and get 140 and over
-Prove that your parents are both left-handed
-Play baseball and tennis with Tommy observing
-Try writing left-handed and fail
-Family Income of $50,000 or less

Right-Handed Foundation

Tommy feels that with these requirements, he will get the people who are worthy of these scholarships for right handed people. The IQ test requirement will make sure that he will get smart people and that he will be able to get people who can pass a college course. He doesn’t want to have the embarrassment of having them fail college. The second requirement will fulfill the goal of the foundation. Playing sports and doing the writing test will prove that they are indeed right-handed. The income requirement is to make sure that the recipient really does need these scholarships for right-handed people to get through college money-wise.

These scholarships for right handed people will fulfill the goal of the Right-Handed Foundation and make Tommy’s father proud.

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