Blue Eyed Scholarship

Blue Eyed Scholarship

Most people haven’t heard of a blue eyed scholarship. If you tell them that one exists they might give you a funny look. They are very possibly right, but they might not know that there are people who give away school money for a whole lot less than that. One of them might want to give you a blue eyed scholarship.

Most students are trying to pay for college with as little debt as possible. They do this in the form of grants, loans, and scholarships. Grants are government money for school. These are extremely difficult to find. Loans are expensive and can sometimes take a lifetime to pay back. Scholarships end up being the preferred method of funding college for many post secondary kids.

Do You Want A Blue Eyed Scholarship?

There are masses of websites dedicated to finding the appropriate scholarship for each student. Sadly, many of these websites aren’t efficient enough to get each student a scholarship. So what do you do when your scholarship options run out? You search on your own for outlying scholarships. Unfortunately, so do many of your peers. By the time you have yours filled out, other students have already submitted their applications and frequently there are so many applicants that you could win a lottery before getting that scholarship. Finally in a last-ditch effort you seek out a blue eyed scholarship.

You must wonder if it is a real scholarship. Who would pay for someone’s school based on eye color? Funny you ask that, because people give out scholarships for much stranger things than eye color. There are scholarships based on how duct tape is used. There are scholarships that simply require you to send a letter asking for money. School money is thrown out there by thousands of companies and individuals and they ask nothing in return. Too frequently that money is never taken. Most people never even know it existed. Fortunately, you have the opportunity to find a blue eyed scholarship.

Where do you find such a scholarship? It can be extremely difficult finding a person who is willing to sponsor you in your quest for education. Finding the person willing to give a scholarship for your strengths is the key. There are people out there with money who would love to sponsor you for who you are. They have money that they want to give away to great causes. They talk about how they give away more money in a year than most people make. They really exist.

To find them you are going to have to put in the work. Look for individuals who value your eye color. You can find them in message boards and in chat rooms. They can be hiding on Facebook, but as you get to know them they may reveal that there is an opportunity to receive a blue eyed scholarship. They may be able to direct you to a person who is willing to sponsor your efforts to become fully educated. By using the internet as your ultimate tool, you can find your blue eyed scholarship.

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