Short and Scholarly: Scholarships for Short People

Short And Scholarly: Scholarships For Short People

When most students think of scholarships, they most likely think about earning university money for exceptional grades, superb athletic ability, or commendable citizenship. Students may also know that some scholarships exist just for certain groups of people, such as veterans’ children, African-Americans, Latinos, or students who plan to go to school within their own state. However, there are plenty of other scholarships available for specific groups, some of which are quite cutting-edge. For example, in recent years, some aspiring university students have found out one can get a scholarship just for being short.

Yes, it’s true. Scholarships for short people do exist. How short the person must be to get one varies, but below are a few examples.

1. The Little People Of America Scholarship

 The Little People of America is often the first organization to show up when searching for “scholarships for short people.” The LPA is an organization founded for people 4’10” or under. Their scholarships usually run between $250 to $1000, but can be larger. Students with medical conditions that lead to dwarfism commonly receive these scholarships, but dwarfism is not necessary. The LPA also awards unclaimed scholarships to students with other disabilities or a particular need for financial assistance at their discretion. Applicants must write a 500-word essay to qualify.

2. The Billy Barty Foundation

This also provides scholarships for short people. Barty, a television actor known for his role as Dr. Shrinker’s sidekick on the Krofft Supershow, among others, has been an advocate for little people for decades.

3. Scholarship For People With Disabilities

For those who live in Minnesota, there is the Scholarship for People with Disabilities. While this is not one of the scholarships for short people, it is specified that the funds are awarded to students with “physical and sensory disabilities.” As a physical disability, dwarfism would qualify as a condition under this scholarship’s umbrella. However, it is open only to Minnesota residents. Scholarship awards can go up to $1000. Applications must be received by May 31 each year.

4. Through The Looking Glass Scholarship

Through the Looking Glass provides a scholarship for high school seniors and college students who have a parent with a disability. That parent need not be a little person, but dwarfism does qualify. Fifteen scholarships in the amount of $1000 each are to be given out this year. Deadline: March 17, 2014.

5. Ability Center of Greater Toledo

For those who have permanent addresses in specified counties of Ohio and Michigan, the Ability Center of Greater Toledo offers scholarships to students with any disability, including dwarfism. Scholarship amounts can be as high as $20,000, or enough to pay most or all of one year’s tuition. Deadline: March 31, 2014.

Finding scholarships for short people might sound like a difficult endeavor. In fact, to some, it might sound odd. Because dwarfism is not considered a common condition, scholarships for little people are unfortunately often cited as “weird scholarships.” Yet, the very presence of these financial awards prove that they are not weird. Rather, they are becoming more common and appreciated. With persistence, you and your family can find the right scholarships for a short, scholarly, and superb student.

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