List of Unclaimed Scholarships

Unclaimed Scholarships-Understanding The Truth

Maybe you might have heard that there are several unclaimed scholarships that nobody knows about, and are just waiting for you to snap them up for pay your college fees. In fact, these days many website also offer a list of unclaimed scholarships for the benefit of students in the country. Unfortunately, many financial aid professionals agree that such scholarships are more myth than reality. While some might exist, they may have requirements and restrictions that may students do not meet.

Types Of Unclaimed Scholarships

Mostly, college scholarships fall into two categories: private and public. List of unclaimed scholarships is mostly derived from private scholarship category, but could also be from both.

Private Scholarships

Private scholarships provide partial or full tuition assistance, but are available only to those who meet their eligibility criteria. Many universities and colleges also offer scholarships for various majors, including some common and highly specialized disciplines. Sometimes, you can get list of unclaimed scholarships from online sources and college financial aid office. Some companies also offer scholarships to families of their employees as part of their company’s benefit plan.

Parents can check with the Human Resources Department of their company to see if they offer scholarships or reimbursement for their dependent children. These types of scholarships also fall in “unclaimed scholarship” category. The reason is simple. If there are not enough employees in company with kids embarking on their college education, money set aside will remain untapped in that particular year.

Some private scholarships also come from clubs, groups, churches, civic associations and other groups. Some of them have special criteria for scholarships, such as specific location or for minorities.

Public Scholarships

These are well-funded scholarships and are available to all students. They provide full or partial funding for graduate school or college education. You can get a list of unclaimed scholarships from some of these organizations. Some might require applications accompanied by essays to check the desire and willingness of the students for the scholarships. Leadership abilities, excellent grades and various other factors are also part of the evaluation process for awarding the scholarships. Some target students with particular interests, or aptitudes.

Students should check for list of unclaimed scholarships from non-profit organizations, as well as for-profit corporations. Department stores, automotive companies and pharmaceutical stores also sponsor scholarships. Some of these scholarships have fierce competition while others are not so famous among the students and go unclaimed. These types of scholarships are available to all those who want to choose unusual career path, major or some geographic location. The more unusual or rare the field, the better are the chances that scholarship would remain unclaimed.

Finding Your Pot Of Gold

Private scholarships offer you the best chance to find unclaimed funds. While public scholarships might have thousands of applications, by their very nature, most private scholarships have limited applicants who meet their selective and very specific criteria. Mostly, the criteria for scholarships that go unclaimed is downright weird, or unusual. For instance, there are private scholarships for students with specific interests or various ethnic heritages.

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