Scholarships for Green Eyes

Scholarships For Green Eyes

When the time comes to begin thinking about college, the first thing that students think about is how they are going to pay for college. Not everyone has a college fund, and not everyone has parents who will give them a free ride. This is when financial aid and scholarships come in. Many students work though high school to make themselves eligible for scholarships. Some work hard to excel in sports in order to get into college on an athletic scholarship. Others try to get the grades in order to get the extra money they need for college. Others help out in the community in order to obtain a scholarship. What many students do not know is that they can get a scholarship based very strange things. Students can find scholarships based on which hand that they write with. There are scholarships for people who can knit or who can do a good duck call. Students can even get scholarships based on the color of their eyes. It may sound crazy, however students can get scholarships for green eyes.

Scholarships for Green Eyes: Strange but True

Only 10% of the population has green eyes. Most of these people are women. Green eyes are the combination of brown eyes and blue eyes. Green eyes look mystical. This could be the reason that there are scholarships for green eyes. When a person has green eyes, their eye color can change with the weather, the color of clothing they are wearing or with their mood. These are chameleon characteristics. This also could be the reason why there are scholarships for green eyes. If a student is trying to get a scholarship for green eyes, there are websites where they can apply. When trying to get a scholarship for green eyes, students will be required to show proof of their green eyes. In most cases, pictures and a signed affidavit is proof enough for a scholarship for green eyes. Students with other less common eye color can also get scholarships. Students with hazel and blue eyes can also apply for these odd scholarships. Unfortunately for brown-eyed students, there is not scholarship for them. This is because brown eyes are the most common eye color.

Student With Green Eyes Will Get These Scholarships

It is important to understand that students with green eyes or students looking to get scholarships for odd reasons will not get a full ride. You will not get four years of college paid, however, you can get between $5,000 and $10,000 towards your tuition. It is also important to know that not every student with green eyes will get these scholarships. Having green eyes is the basis of the scholarship, however, the foundations who give these scholarships will look at other things when determining the winner of these scholarships. It can be based on a combination of academics, extra curricular activities, or volunteer work. Having green eyes will only get you in the running. After that, it depends on your resume. Nobody is going to give a student with an F average who has been in trouble and has not contributed to the community. This is how most of the “odd scholarship programs” work. If you want some help with college and you have green eyes, take some pictures, keep your grades up, and be active at school and in the community.

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