College Scholarships for Redheads

College Scholarships for Redheads

College Scholarships for Redheads

College scholarships for redheads came about as a result of the idea that scholarships were available to students for everything you could think of. Thinking that there should be a scholarship for redheads, just like there were scholarships available to other traditional students in the minority, the founder of ScholarshipRed was disappointed to find that the award did not exist and decided to create it for herself. The current scholarship gives high school students that are redheads the chance to win the annual scholarship that amounts to $500, just for having the right colored hair.

The only requirement necessary to apply for the scholarship is that you have a head of red hair and are applying for and attending college. The creator thinks that with all the other scholarships out there that call for very little other criteria other than a single trait, the trait of hair color was enough of a reason to create college scholarships for redheads. The application process is very basic due to the scholarship selection committee being very small and the requirements being so straight forward.College Scholarships for  Redheads

To win the college scholarships for redheads, a simple document must be submitted confirming that you are a redhead and accepted or applying to a college in the United States. One person is chosen from among the applicants to receive the scholarship, which has increased from the amounts awarded in previous years. In addition to confirmation of your red hair and college acceptance, the college scholarships for redheads include a creative aspect where applicants detail what it means to be a redhead in an interesting way.

The creative portion of the application is really where the applicant is given the chance to stand out from all the other applications. A lot of liberty is given to applicants and a combination of creativity, personal strengths and academic smarts are recommended to gain the attention of the panel and earn the reward for your tuition. Get creative and think about the things that you are passionate about that you can share with the scholarship panel. Because this is a creative and personal portion, their is no scoring or rules and it is whatever gains the attention of the panel that is going to earn you the college scholarships for redheads.

Scholarships for Redheads

Scholarships for Redheads

Applications must be submitted by May 4th of each year in order to be considered for awarding. All applications must be sent to the specified email address, with all qualifying documents being attached and included in a single email for review. Once all the applications have been considered, the panel will make a decision based on all the criteria and notify both the winning applicants and every student that has applied. This scholarship is only open to high school seniors just enrolling in college so past applicants will not have the opportunity to try again and apply for the scholarship the following year. Likewise, students that have won the scholarship only receive the award one time and will not be able to apply for subsequent awards during their college career.

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