Silly Scholarships Can Mean Serious College Money

Silly Scholarships Can Mean Serious College Money

There are hundreds of silly scholarships left unclaimed every year, often because no one has ever heard of them. Some of these undiscovered opportunities are unusual or even downright strange, like The Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest that makes the annual lists of silly scholarships every year. But even the silliest scholarship isn’t so silly when it pays much-needed money for college.

Silly Scholarships

Silly Scholarships Winners

Silly Scholarships

Some of these scholarships go unclaimed because no one hears about them, other times the requirements are very specific. The National Candy Technologist Scholarship, for example, that awards up to $5,000 for an undergraduate that demonstrates an interest in “confectionary technology”, might be one that has a small field of competition for grant money. If you are lucky enough to be interested in candy production or have some experience in confections, this might not be one of the most silly scholarships after all.

Bizarre or unusual requirements prevent the award of some of these silly scholarships as in the case of the Elvis Presley Fan Club Scholarship. Open to all Mississippi high school seniors, this silly scholarship requires the top three candidates to perform live at the Ice House, a club in Tupelo, Mississippi.

For music students of a different variety, the Lewis W. Davidson $7,000 scholarship at Carnegie Melon is awarded to a musician majoring in the bagpipes. Apply through CMU department of music, or just be thankful that the bagpipers have sound proof practice rooms in the basement.
Many silly scholarship prizes go to specific institutions. At Ursinus College, alma mater of J.D. Salinger offers a creative writing prize for incoming freshman. The winner receives a $30,000 annual renewable scholarship and gets to room their first year in the very room that J.D. Salinger had as a student.

There are prizes that go to niche hobby enthusiasts such as the Make It Yourself with Wool Scholarship for knitters and crocheters or the Kor Memorial Scholarship founded by a Klingon language foundation for students in the field of language studies familiarity with constructed languages not required.

Silly Scholarships  golfcaddy

Silly Scholarships golfcaddy

The Eileen J. Garrett Scholarship is a $3,000 award that goes to a student at an accredited school that wishes to pursue the academic study of the science of parapsychology. If you have an interest in psychic phenomena and the paranormal, this silly scholarship is for you.

Find scholarships for a variety of sports and recreation activities: bowling, billiards, darts, SCUBA diving, skateboarding, marbles and other non-traditional sports. Check each organization for requirements and application process.

For anyone that grew up in the city or suburbs scholarships for agriculture achievement sounds like a silly scholarship but if your family is in llamas, sheep, beef, dairy cows, or potatoes, there is scholarship money out there to apply for.

Whatever the interest, activity, or area of study, some research can reveal if there is scholarship money out there to claim. Silly scholarships don’t seem nearly as silly when that scholarship disbursement arrives, and if you are qualified for any of these or the hundreds of other silly scholarships that go unclaimed every year, fire off that application now.

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