Scholarships for Green Eyes? You Bet!

It’s Good to be Green: Scholarships for Green-Eyed Students

It’s true that many strange, fun, and creative scholarships exist. For example, these days students can get scholarships for being left-handed, having a great duck call, or being fluent in Klingon. However, most students don’t think about eye color as a way to obtain college funds. You might think, “Everybody has an eye color, so why is mine a big deal? It’s sure not going to get me free money.”

Scholarships for Green Eyes

Ah, but that thought would be wrong. Scholarships for green eyes are available. For instance:

1. Mokshanti Scholarships offers funds to students who may have several uncommon characteristics, including green eyes. According to Mokshanti, only 2% of the human population is green-eyed, mostly females. Green eyes are often referred to as “mystical.” Additionally, because of a genetic theory that green eyes are a hybrid of browns and blues, they can be called “chameleon eyes.” It would seem then that Mokshanti is not only looking to award scholarships for green eyes. They celebrate all kinds of uniqueness in their applicants, so much so that they sometimes have a $10,000 drawing for scholarships.

Scholarships for Green Eyes

Scholarships for Green Eyes

2. Mokshanti also offers scholarships to students with hazel eyes, an uncommon subset of green. Mokshanti describes hazel as “a shade of yellowish-brown,” but in reality, many hazel-eyed people have at least some green in their irises. Therefore, beautiful baby hazels might still qualify you to get a scholarship for green eyes.

Scholarships for green eyes, or any eye color, are actually rather rare. However, you don’t need to have green eyes to get a fun scholarship. Plenty of scholarships exist for those who have green in their souls, such as:

3. The Vegetarian Resource Group offers two $5,000 scholarships to vegetarian high school seniors each year. The deadline for 2014 has passed (February 20), but all you veggie-lovers can get the jump on next year’s competition by mulling this question: How does your vegetarian lifestyle help promote a more peaceful world?

Scholarships for Green Eyes

Scholarships for Green Eyes College

4. Do you have the blood o’ the Emerald Isle in your veins? If so, you may have gotten lucky enough to end up with classic Irish eyes and thus apply for one of those scholarships for green eyes. If not, though, don’t despair. The Mary C. Reilly Memorial Scholarship is for female students with Irish ancestry. The Boland Family GU scholarship is also aimed at Irish students, though both sexes can apply. Specifically for students attending Georgetown University, its deadlines and amounts vary.

5. Maybe your definition of “green” has more to do with the environment than eligibility for a scholarship for green eyes. For instance, check out the Earth Island Institute’s Brower Youth Awards. This annual scholarship, in the amount of about $3,000 each, is given to six eligible environmental activists. The committee looks for candidates who can approach sustainability and environmental safety from all angles.

Scholarships for green eyes are unique and fun to apply for. Yet even if you don’t have green eyes, “green” can encompass many characteristics. One of them may be your ticket to a great college.

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