Becoming The Nordstrom Scholarship Winners

Nordstrom Scholarship Winners

For any student who desires to have a college degree, some forms of financial aid like scholarship could mean so much for them. A large number of families of the high school students find it more and more difficult to provide the budget to pay the costly college expenses each day. With a help from some scholarship award, the high school students may have the opportunity to make their dream come true. Scholarship program may come from many supporters such universities, colleges, fast food restaurant company, Federal state, and so on. You can even find some scholarship programs supported by a clothing company as well. Let us take the Nordstrom Incorporation for instance.

These days, as one of the leading clothing company on the planet, Nordstrom Incorporation is committed to help out the youth of the nation to have a better education through the Nordstrom Scholarship Program. You can find this scholarship program available as long as you have a Nordstrom outlet in the neighborhood. There are about 80 scholarship awards ready to be awarded to the high school students who meet the requirements. Each of them will be awarded with $10,000 in scholarship so that they can pursue their dreamed higher education. The students from all over the country have the same opportunity to become the Nordstrom scholarship winners as long as they can demonstrate an excellent academic record as well as a decent involvement in some activities in their communities.

Nordstrom Scholarship Winners

I Won the Nordstrom Scholarship

Since 2000, the fee and the tuition for a college have extremely increased. They are six times more expensive these days. That gloomy fact was noted by a well known business magazine, Businessweek. Despite the fact that Nordstrom Incorporation does not directly deal with the world of education, that does not keep them away from acknowledging the need for additional education aid. Nordstrom Inc. has decided to play some important part in providing the financial aid for the students with financial hardship.

Nordstrom Scholarship Program Award Winners

Nordstrom Scholarship Program Award Winners

The number of Nordstrom scholarship winners was only forty students. Fortunately, since 2010, Nordstrom has decided to give more scholarship awards. Today, there are 80 Nordstrom scholarship winners who receive the scholarship awards. Since Nordstrom outlets are now available in 31 states, the high school students within those states have the opportunities to apply fro the Nordstrom scholarship program.

Nordstrom 2014 Scholarship Winners

Nordstrom 2014 Scholarship Winners

To become a Nordstrom scholarship winner, you should demonstrate a decent academic like a 2.7 grade point average. In addition to that, you should also get involved in some community activity. Having an extracurricular activity would also be considered as well. This scholarship program would be available only when the students plan to attend a college. The college or the university should be the accredited ones that has four year college program. Be sure that there is a Nordstrom store in your town or city before you plan to apply for this scholarship program. This would be important since Nordstrom Inc. has only established their stores in 31 states so far. The Nordstrom scholarship program’s deadline is before the first day of May, 2015. So, feel free to visit the ACT website to access the Nordstrom Scholarship Application.

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