Random House Scholarship

The Random House Scholarship

The first thing a student should do when checking out scholarship programs is to check with the college they plan to attend to see what type of scholarships are being offered. Most students will apply for the routine financial aid such as FAFSA which stands for free application for student aid. There are other types of financial aid such as the Random House Creative Writing Scholarship. Each student is unique and has certain situations within their life and these scholarships do their best to meet the needs of any student who sends in an application in need of financial aid. According to Random House corporation, the applicant should be a high school student at the senior level with high grades and an upstanding citizen.

Random House Scholarship

Random House Scholarship

In order to receive a scholarship a student needs to be focused on the task before them. A student must be capable of speaking highly of themselves and be able to illustrate that within the application. The student should know a school counselor and of course have access to a computer with internet on it. The Random House scholarship committee will determine by the information on the applications if the student meets any of the criteria in order to be able to receive a scholarship. The Random House scholarship has five different main groups and a student must meet one of those groups to be considered for a scholarship.

Random House Scholarship winners

Random House Scholarship winners

The first group is keeping a high grade level, the second is being active in sports, the third are students who need the financial assistance, the fourth are students who are in certain clubs and the fifth is related to certain cultures.

If you are still in high school, make an appointment with the school guidance counselor. It is best to be very organized and a school counselor can help you to achieve this. A school counselor can also inform you of other scholarships that are available. The main requirement to obtain the Random House Creative Writing scholarship is to write an essay. Have the essay proofread by your counselor or teacher for any mistakes. Then save it in case you might need an essay for any scholarship applications that you apply for.

Random House Student Awards

Random House Student Awards

Not only does the Random House scholarship assist students in finding regular scholarships, they also advise students about scholarships in their own community.

Many businesses, religious facilities, and a variety of organizations offer scholarships. Once those steps have been completed start contacting the colleges you would like to attend and find out what scholarships those particular colleges are willing to accept. Just remember that the sooner you start working with the Random House scholarship committee, the more scholarship applications you can send out. The more applications you send out the better chance of receiving finances for your education.

The Random House application focuses on high school students and are encouraged to write an essay about what they think will happen when they enter into an institution of higher education. Many students will enter the essay contest worth $5,000, but only one student will be accepted for the yearly scholarship which any and all majors are accepted. For more information regarding this scholarship, please visit randomhouse.com/creativewriting

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