A Red Hair Scholarship Does Exist

A Red Hair Scholarship Does Exist

Though it sounds too good to be true, red heads can actually get scholarships just for the color on their head. A red-head, aka a ginger as they are called, has always been known as having a fiery temper and a tenacious spirit. Now, thanks to the many red hair scholarship programs that are available, it is easy to obtain help for college, just for having a specific genetic characteristic. Some see red heads as having a drive that others don’t, so they are offering them money to help them succeed.

Red Hair Scholarship

A Red Hair Scholarship Does Exist

Mary C. Reilly Memorial Scholarship

True, red heads are known to be passionate, and those who want to use this to their advantage can benefit. There is one scholarship known to help those with fiery tresses. Many red heads have Irish decent, not all do, but most fall into this category. If this is the case, there are specific red hair scholarships for the Irish. By visiting www.providence.edu, a person who needs a loan can certainly obtain one. It is offered to women only and is set up as the Mary C. Reilly Memorial Scholarship. The only catch is a person must be a student of Providence College. Also, Irish red heads should check out ww.theirishsociety.com for the scoop on getting this dough.

Red Hair Scholarship Winner

Red Hair Scholarship Winner

Michael J. Doyle Scholarship

Back in 2008, this scholarship was set up to honor Michael J. Doyle. To get this red hair scholarship assistance, a person must be either the child or the grandchild of a person in the Irish Society. The $1,000 award, is giving once for each year of a four-year degree, or twice if a person goes to vocational school.

Cosmetology Scholarships

Maybe you’re not a redhead, but you want to dye folk’s hair a rosy shade. There are scholarships available from the Pro Beauty Association. They give $500 to all members for their professional training. They renew the scholarship if necessary. By going to www. probeauty.org/scholarships, one can check out all the information. They only award seven scholarships per year. It is given to high school graduates who are looking to be a cosmetologist.

Another cosmetology program sponsored by VidalSasson will pay up to $5,000 in college money. At www.beautychangeslives.org/scholarships/, it is easy to see that 50% of the tuition can be paid to a school that qualifies under their program. This is for people who already have their license and want to further educate themselves, and of course dye some hair red.

Red Hair Scholarships

Red Hair Scholarships

For students who come under the “highly deserving” category, the Minerva Beauty Cosmetology Scholarships offer $1,000 to five students. In order to quality for enrolment, the person must have had at least one semester in a cosmetology school with recognized credentials. Visit www.minervabeauty.com for more information.

The Red Hair Scholarship Does Exist

For all those who have doubted, the copper tops assistance programs are no joke. Actually, research has found that only one in five of American high school students have true red hair. Sure, it’s a bizarre way to get cash assistance for schooling, but hey if a person qualifies for the red hair scholarship programs, it’s free money that doesn’t have to be repaid.

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