Find Success with the Sammy Application

The Sammy Application: Scholarships and Fame with Milk!

This scholarship can give you $7,500 toward college! The Scholar Athlete Milk Mustache of the Year, better known as the Sammy began with the “Got milk?” campaign. Typically, scholarships and grants can be found sponsored by organizations, businesses and private individuals and the Sammy application is one of those valid scholarships. Celebrity judges of the Milk Mustache club contribute in the selection of the fortunate USA high school senior student athletes. Many students can find success with the Sammy Application.

Not only does it coincide with the milk campaign but in all seriousness, prompting people to complete their education by easing the stress of funding. It is a proven fact and plain common sense that a student exceeds when not worried about financial assistance.

Sammy Application

Sammy application scholarship

Sammy application scholarship

Sammy Application

The Sammy application scholarship program is supported by USA Today and America’s Milk Processors. It is a great opportunity for those that truly qualify and by meeting the eligibility means that it is well deserved. There is also an all-expense paid trip to an energizing ceremonial weekend at Disney World in Orlando Florida at the Milk House, being awarded your scholarship.
So what is the Milk House? In the immense campus of the Wide World of Sports Complex in Disney World the Milk House was constructed as an unparalleled, aesthetic unique sporting facility that is indoors and considered a major venue for sporting events. Would Disney have it any other way?

Sammy application scholarship

Sammy application scholarship

The national newspaper, USA Today also has an added bonus. You get to have your picture with a “Milk Mustache” in an advertisement in the USA Today magazine. You become the recipient of the attention you deserve.

However, the Sammy scholarship is not meant for everyone who endeavors for a degree. They only allow those that strive for excellence in academics with the grade point average to prove it. You also must be;
• A legal resident of the lower 48 states and must be a full-time student in high school
• Must be a credited high school
• Graduation to be on this current year along with registration to a four-year college for the fall term.
• Must participate in sports or clubs
• There are only 25 available awards of the Sammy application
• Must have a grade point average of at least 3.2

You have to work at landing this scholarship, after all it is $7,500 and is a way of separating the slothful from the dedicated and determined!
The selection criteria includes magnificence of your essay. Your past academic performance must be extraordinary along with athletic excellence. You also must possess the quality of leadership and have the desire to fulfill community service. The requirements are pretty stiff so you should look into the Sammy application before jumping in and devoting yourself to the process. You should make sure that the Sammy application is not a big waste of your time on a scholarship that you have no chance to qualify for the.

It may appear that the Sammy application may be an insurmountable obstacle course but if you do not try you cannot claim the prize at the end. It is not only an opportunity to help pay for college but it will be an experience of a lifetime.

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