Scholarships for Tall Girls

Scholarships for Tall Girls

Failing to be selected as one of the scholars at a popular or top rated college should not let you down or make you disappointed because there are still many unusual scholarships that can be applied for. And better yet, if you are one of the many tall girls who experience this kind of thing, a scholarships for tall girls can be looked into and applied for. Perhaps you would have never thought that being a tall girl could actually have an educational benefit? You can really be accepted by an international group of social clubs which only accepts tall people. It is known as the Tall Clubs International and a scholarship is awarded to a tall teen in their area.

Tall Clubs International Scholarship

The scholarships for tall girls offers $1,000 and will be awarded by the club to tall students under the age 21. They select the students who are generally in their first year of college or they will also award the money in the fall after the first year. Of course, there are some requirements that should be fulfilled by the students who want to apply for this scholarship. Girls with a height of 5’10” and men with the height of 6’2” are allowed to apply for this. Not only that, a TCI member who lives near the tall teen that the scholarship is requested must nominate the eligible student. For more details about the requirements that should be met, please visit their official site.

Scholarships for Tall Girls

Scholarships for Tall Girls Opportunity

The information for scholarships for tall girls will need be gathered by students seeking the scholarships every year by the local TCI. A scholarship drive will sometimes be held by the local member. The members will sometimes also choose a tall student at the club during the club meeting. Well, do not think too much about the rules because this international group keeps requirements pretty basic on how they will choose the candidates and what the candidates should do. The members will submit the chosen candidate’s name to the executive committee for their decision.

The forms can be found on the TCI website and a TCI member will download them and give the forms to the executive members. The scholarship winners will be decided by the executive group and the decision will be a secret that they will keep until an award banquet at the next TCI convention. If these scholarships for tall girls sound interesting to you, they can be inquired about in January of every year. Moreover, there are some do’s and don’ts that should be known.Scholarships for Tall Girls

If you would like the scholarship emailed, then you should email your local chapter club for that request. Your eligibility will not be accepted if the TCI chapter within 100 miles of you cannot be found or does not exist. If your height is not included in the mentioned requirements, never dare to apply for this scholarship because this will be taken seriously. It is should also be remembered that the females and males that apply must be of above average height.

Now, carry yourself with pride and take a shot at applying for the scholarships for tall girls. Fortunately, if you win the scholarship, this can be used so your freshman year of college can be paid for and the rest can be saved. Good luck!

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