Roy Wilkins Scholarship and How to Apply for It

The Roy Wilkins Scholarship and How to Apply for It
The Roy Wilkins scholarship is sponsored by the NACCP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People). It provides a scholarship of $1000 to college freshman seeking enrollment in the accredited US colleges.

Roy Wilkins Scholarship Requirements

Applicant for Roy Wilkins scholarship should be an entering college freshman having at least 2.5 GPA. He or she should also be a citizen of US and must be seeking enrollment in any accredited US college. Undergraduate student should be a full-time student and should also have a NACCP membership. If the student drops the full-time status, then Roy Wilkins scholarship selection committee will adjust the grant amount to 50 percent of the amount allocated for that semester.

Roy Wilkins scholarship

Roy Wilkins scholarship

SCF Trustees, members of NAACP board of directors, the NACCP employees or the families to the first degree of consanguinity, and members of the Scholarship Selection Committee are not eligible to apply and receive Roy Wilkins scholarship. The scholarship is also not renewable. You can refer to the NAACP national website or you can also call NAACP’s National Education Dept to get more details about the scholarship.

Roy Wilkins scholarship

Roy Wilkins scholarship

Necessary documents

You will have to submit the following with your typed application:

• Once academic reference and one personal reference
• Two letters of recommendation (other than relatives)
• Copy of letter of acceptance or application for admission from college or university
• Current official transcript of grades in high school
• Financial Verification Information
• Receipt of membership or copy of NAACP membership card
• One page essay

You can use the award for a freshman year or for a full-time study

It is important if you properly investigate the important information available on Roy Wilkins scholarship. You can maximize your chances of achieving your goal by first determining if you really qualify. The good first step for you will be to first figure out the driving force for NAACP and what you want to achieve with this scholarship. Once you’re sure you satisfy the prerequisites, make sure you do have reasonable chances of getting this scholarship. If you feel you have possibility of getting this scholarship, then it’s worth to put forth the efforts to apply.

Roy Wilkins scholarship

Roy Wilkins scholarship

An important aspect for trying to secure this scholarship is to first fill out the application form correctly. Sometimes this process can be laborious, but you should never underestimate the significance of how important it is to fill out your forms in a correct way. You don’t want to lose out in race just because of one mistake.

Once you submit your application, it is also important to know when Roy Wilkins scholarship distributes the funds so that you know whether it will be possible to rely on the scholarship money to meet your financial needs and what kind of help they provide, and whether there are any stipulations on how you can use the scholarship money.

It can be bit challenging for you to take care of your school expenses and making use of this scholarship to successfully defray some of costs can definitely offer you significant support in the long run.

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