What is a Merit Based Scholarship and Further Details about It

What Is A Merit Based Scholarship And Further Details About It

Since there are various types of scholarships you may see in your future, it will be very important to get further information about what a merit based scholarship is all about. It is one of several kinds of scholarships you find to help you achieve your study. In further details, it requires more than you will find with the common scholarship. This is before applying you need will need more details about this kind of scholarship.

Instead of be easily achieved, this kind of scholarship is based on the academic value of the student who enrolls for the scholarship. It is a common question that is asked by everyone about what is a merit based scholarship? They might not get it clearly, but it can be described as simple as “A scholarship that is awarded to the students based on his or her academic performance. Some of you might think that this is harder to receive than the common scholarship. However, it is actually the one that will be given only to the students that come with a certain level of achievement. It is a focused scholarship for students that is awarded based on achievement rather than financial need, ethnicity, regional background, and other types of requirements.

What is a Merit Based Scholarship? – Further Information to Help

Some colleges are available with merit based scholarships and they get the prestige by added this kind of scholarship for their students since it will show great achievement with reflects their institution. What is a merit based scholarship might be a basic question, but it comes with even further answers to help you get the idea of this type of financial aid. Instead of being very simple in details, like other scholarships, it carries with it even more details that are almost opposite of traditional scholarships that are given. There will be more about it in the following section of this article.

If you might be quite curious about this scholarship, you will find that it even gives you various criteria which will be different from one program to another. It’s not that simple to find the requirements of each merit based scholarship and the way institutions award them to the students, but there is one thing for sure that most of those institutions will want see your record of academic achievement. Moreover, this kind of scholarship is not only available for the academic field only. Instead, there are some more fields like athletic and artistic merit based scholarships that available at some universities. The following are lists of universities with different merit scholarship you can find.

Academic Merit Scholarship

1.    Bridgewater College sponsors the President’s Merit Scholarship that is available with an award range from $14,000 to full tuition costs.
2.    The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences sponsors the Fred Rogers Memorial Scholarship.

Athletic Merit Scholarship

1.    Oregon State University provides scholarships for students that demonstrate a high level of athletic skill.
2.    The Women’s Western Golf Association sponsors annual scholarships for undergraduate women golfers.
Those are some of the merit scholarship that deserving students can achieve for their best performance in different fields.

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