Details of Broad Prize Scholarship to Help

Since scholarships for students at a different level of schools have come to be more popular, the Broad prize scholarship will also be one of those scholarship programs with specific benefits and features to help students. If you might find that you are the one recommended for enrolling in this scholarship, the following information will be very helpful to you.

This page will tell more about the Broad prize scholarship that you can achieve annually. Since there are winners decided for every year and you are included as one of the contestants for the scholarship, this information related to Broad scholarship might be very helpful for you. You will soon see how it will help you get some tips and answers before you submit everything required to apply for this scholarship. You will also learn some of the benefits that this program has to offer. Though it might not contain everything you need to know about the Broad Prize, you will find at least more answers than if you have never read it. Let’s check out what the Broad Prize Scholarship has to offer!

Broad Prize Scholarship – The Process

To get further details about the process and criteria of this scholarship award, there are several more things that you need to know about the Broad Prize scholarship. There are different steps that will divide each part of the process until the day this scholarship is awarded to the students from the different school district from the 75 eligible districts. This is the first thing that comes to be very important about this process. Below is a further explanation of the process.

Districts Identifying

Based on size low-income enrollment, minority enrollment and urban enrollment, the Broad Prize will come to identify each of those 75 urban school districts every year. It shows you that schools will not easily apply for the prize and those schools that are included doesn’t necessarily mean that those are the school with certain academic achievement.

Reviewing Board To Find The Finalist

The next step for the Broad Prize scholarship is finding the finalists from the list available using the data available about performance and improvement results, reduction & magnitude of achievement gaps, graduation rates, advanced placement exam participation, SAT & ACT exam, and district demographic data.

Site Visiting

After those finalists are selected, there is a team that comes from researchers and practitioners with the RMC Research Corporation which makes up this small team. This visit is intended to collect quantitative and qualitative data about the school.

Determining The Winner

The data collected of both quantitative and qualitative is next reviewed by a selection jury. It usually comes from a nationally prominent business, government, and public service leader.

Announcing The Winner

This is the last step to find the winner of the Broad Prize. There will be a three-part event available for this last step. Though it might not be as significant as the other steps, you will also find that it brings you very helpful information about the scholarship and further follow-up details of the scholarship that you need to get.

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