Scholarships for Black Women in California

There are so many kinds of scholarships that you can find and apply for, from the usual ones to the unusual scholarships. If you are one of the many black women who want to continue your studies into a college or university, there are some suggested scholarships for women in California that can be applied for. So, for those of you who think that you have no any chance in receiving a higher education to study in the field you want, you can get rid of that thought now! These are some recommended scholarships that can be considered and even applied for.

Scholarships For Black Women In California

If you are a woman who loves everything related to technology, there is a scholarship that is offered to you by the California Institute of Technology. This will help with your financial needs so you can experience a higher education in the research-integrated field. Here, you will definitely be encouraged, so the most basic and challenging problems in an interdisciplinary atmosphere that science and technology are emphasized can be investigated with the support of the school’s curriculum. These scholarships for women in California are offered by the school from an array of resources as well.

The next one of the best and popular scholarships for women in California is offered by the University of California and it is recommended for black women with more than 170,000 faculty and staff members and 220,000 students with millions of alumni are included here. A place for every eligible applicant who resides in California is offered by this university.  The institution does this to attract students from diverse racial, social, economic, geographic and cultural groups in California. Scholarship privileges are also provided by the school to the black women students for the excellent scholastic performances and organization affiliations.

Popular Scholarships For Women In California

Moreover, the foundation sponsorships are also distributed by the University of California which is where the scholarships for women in California are also offered. If you need more details and exact information, do not hesitate to visit 1111 Franklin St, Oakland, CA 94601 or they can also be contacted by phone at 510-987-9200. Visit their website at if needed. Of course, gathering as much complete information is really important so any mistakes can be prevented from the beginning before the application is sent.

The other scholarship for women in California that can be found is by the University of Southern California and here, more global students are enrolled by USC than any other university in the country. They offer plenty opportunities for studying abroad and internships. Also, over a dozen major scholarship programs for black students are also administered by USC and a full paid tuition is provided by this university. Do not worry about paying any of this money back, because none of these mentioned scholarships need to be partially repaid.

If you are interested in any of the scholarships for women in California recommended above, is the site of University of Southern California that can be browsed if you need more details. If you choose the California Institute of Technology, is the site you can check out. However, these are only allowed to be applied for by African-American women.

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