How Many Scholarships are there for Division 1 Football?

The senior high school students who wish to apply for a scholarship program are normally required to demonstrate an excellent academic achievement. The scholarship programs also consider the high school seniors with more involvement in community and extracurricular activities making them have the better chance to win the awards. Some other thing that are taken into consideration would be the leadership skills of the students. The students who meet all the requirements above are most likely to win the opportunity to have funding assistance to pay for the costly college expenses. However, a decent academic record is not the only thing that can help the students grab the scholarship award. These days, there are a large number of scholarship programs which are designed for the students who participate in sports as well. Let us take Football for example. Most of you are familiar with the division 1 football scholarship program.

How Many Scholarships Are There For Division 1 Football?

These days, there are many scholarship programs that are awarded to athletes. In the world of the scholarships for sports participants, the football scholarship is the most popular one since they provide the most full scholarships. The National Collegiate Athletic Association would be the one who responsible for a large number of sport scholarships including the division 1 football scholarship. The NCAA has made it very clear that the division 1 football scholarship requires both excellent academic achievement and talent demonstration in football competition. This sports association has been dealing with college football and every aspect related to it for over one hundred years.

There are 236 colleges and universities that take part in the NCAA division 1 football competition. Some of the most popular members are Baylor, UCLA, Florida and Michigan State, Alabama, and Florida. From all the football divisions under the regulation of NCAA, the division 1 football has been the most attractive as well as the most prestigious one. That is what makes the division 1 football the home to the best high school football players in the country. Nevertheless, only in this prestigious football division will the high school players have the opportunities to win the scholarship program.

The Division 1 Football Scholarship Program

There are both full scholarships and partial ones that will be awarded to the students. There are 85 full-ride scholarships provided to the division 1 colleges in one year. Since every football team normally has 90 members, there are many high school football players that join the fierce competition to win those 85 reputable scholarship programs. Thus, only the most exceptional football players come up as the winners of the 85 scholarships. The honest consideration from the coach will be the most reliable aspect that will affect the chance of receiving the scholarship awards. All the deserving recipients of the scholarships are awarded with the full funding to pay the college expenses.

If you wonder about the amount of money distributed for the deserving athletes, you might be surprised to know that there is more than $5 billion being awarded in this form of scholarship. To sum it up, you could now choose football as your first entrance to the amazing experience that you might get in the future.

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