CBSE Boards 2019: A letter to tech-savvy students, here’s what CBSE writes to the 18 Lakh candidates

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CBSE Boards 2019: Letter to the board examinees(HT File)
The schooling years are the best years for scholarship and education because our Hard Disc space (to use a metaphor) is the most receptive in these years. School is the place where you let your mind’s Web Browser loose and driven by your inquisitiveness, hard work and hunger for knowledge, knowingly or unknowingly, you Download several competencies and life skills. There are Messengers (mentors) to help you identify the Spams, if any, and the Bandwidth of learning is fast and vast. School is perhaps the one place in life where the Auto-correct, Backspace, Pause, Shift or Delete options are abundant and add value to your education.


Yes, you read it right. CBSE has took to the most friendly way to communicate with the students of this generation who understand the language of technology. And the tech-savvy students must have understood the message very well.


The letter further reads, “These exams are therefore not a measure of success or failure. They are like URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) of your life, that are meant to help you locate the real possibilities and resources that lie within you, by optimising the knowledgeSearch Engine inside you.”