Serving kaam ki chai: Gujarat’s MBA tea-seller campaigns for Arvind Kejriwal’s AAP

NEW DELHI: Travelling to Delhi from Gujarat, Praful Billor has come to help Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal win his third election.

Taking a leaf out of BJP’s campaigning stylebook, Billor has decided to contribute the AAP’s campaign by setting up tea stalls across a few constituencies calling it ‘Kaam Ki Chai’.

According to Billor, who is famous for his MBA tea in Ahmedabad, said he was inspired by the work of Kejriwal government.

“What Kejriwal has delivered in Delhi is evident. This is why I decided to come all the way from Ahmedabad to campaign for him here. Over 30 volunteers will join me shortly and put up tea stalls in all Assembly constituencies,” said Billor, who left his high paying job few years ago to sell tea.

Senior AAP leader Sanjay Singh launched the unique initiative from party headquarter where the first stall was inaugurated.

Serving tea with names inspired by the AAP government’s work in the last five years ,the MBA Chaiwala’s team of volunteers will set up stalls and interact with the public.

On the menu are flavors like ‘Shiksha wali chai’ that showcases educational facilities in Delhi, ‘Swasthya wali Chai’ that showcases improved health facilities in government hospitals,  free tests, surgeries and medicines, the Mohalla clinics and poly-clinics.

Another tea represents the basic facilities provided such as cheap electricity, water and free bus travel for women and ‘Vikas wali Chai’ showcases the doorstep delivery of citizen services, CCTV cameras and free Wi-Fi.